Since 1997, STEEL MONTAGE INTERNATIONAL has worked for many clients in the construction of metallic industrial buildings.

Our assembly teams are at your disposal for any project, in France or abroad.

As a general contracting party on the assembly package, we undertake the totality of the assembly work, including the necessary logistics, both human and material.
The same applies to the management of transfers and the various procedures concerning regulations in different countries.

Centrale de stoackage froid Guadeloupe
We will be your one and only contact during the whole assembly stage of the steel framework, the cladding, cover sheeting, insulation and external accessories. 

For our customers,base of contractors, we assemble, from their blueprints, any kind of construction work for any given surface (from 500 to 3 000 sq. meters), and are able to meet high technical standards.

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Welcome to the new STEEL MONTAGE INTERNATIONAL website! This section will allow us to present you all the information about the company (new construction sites, presence on trade shows, general information …).